Curating Cancer: A Research Secondment Fellowship with the Science Museum

We are delighted to announce that Julia Swallow has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Secondment Fellowship in Humanities and Social Science. The secondment fellowships enable research fellows already funded by Wellcome to spend three-six months working at non-academic organisations to carry out research and develop skills. Julia will carry out the secondment with the Science Museum on their proposed free exhibition ‘A temporary exhibition on cancer: Exploring understandings of and relationships with cancer’. The exhibition will map historical developments in areas of cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care as well as tackle key cultural questions around cancer as a ‘feared’ disease, and social and ethical questions related to developments in cancer research from the perspectives of individuals with experience of cancer, current cancer patients, and those working in the field.

Julia is currently working on the project ‘Translations and Transformations in Patienthood: Cancer in the post-genomics era’ led by Professor Anne Kerr and Professor Sarah Cunningham-Burley at the University of Edinburgh, which examines how professionals’ and patients’ understandings and experiences of cancer are changing with the introduction of genomics in research and healthcare practice. Developing her interest and work in this area, Julia will work alongside the Curator of Medicine at the Science Museum on the initial planning stages of the exhibition as well as informing the content generation. She will also analyse data gathered in the current project to draw out key questions and themes, and will work closely with members of the exhibition team to develop ideas and areas for further exploration. The project will enable Julia to gain experience working on content generation for exhibitions, and gain insight into the way in which exhibitions at the Science Museum are curated to engage the public with social, ethical and cultural questions related to developments in scientific research and healthcare practice.

The secondment will be carried out January 2019 – June 2019. Follow @JuliaESwallow on Twitter for updates.

Image  is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Credit Charlotte Barnes