Choon Key Chekar attended VOICE 2016, a 5 day course that aims to give participants training in basic cancer biology and skills for critical evaluation of research proposals and scientific papers.

Rosemary Lucy Hill, along with colleagues in the School of Media and Communication at Leeds and the Department of Sociological Studies at University of Sheffield, has just published a new article which examines sexist discourses in the readings of data visualisations. The article appears in the Journal of Communication Inquiry, special issue on Digital Feminist Media Studies. The article is available online now.

Thesp recently held a two-day symposium on Ageing Societies, which brought together experts in Science & Technology Studies (STS), Anthropology and Sociology to explore major trends in the development and implementation of technological and political solutions to the problems of so-called ‘Ageing Societies’.

'Care, Laboratory Beagles and Affective Utopia' by Gregory Hollin and Eva Giraud, published in Theory, Culture & Societydiscusses the ethics of creating a 'beagle utopia' for lab animals, arguing that it aids compliance rather than care.

Anne Kerr and Sarah Cunningham-Burley have just published ‘Embodied innovation and regulation of medical technoscience: transformations in cancer patienthood‘ in Law, Innovation and Technology. Abstract Biomedical advances are transforming the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Patienthood is also transforming, as patients actively participate in research, innovation and regulation of novel...