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Thesp holds symposium on Ageing Societies

A woman hugs Paro the robotic care seal

A woman hugs Paro the robotic care seal

Ageing Societies: Transnational contexts, technologies & practices symposium

University of Leeds 28th – 29th July 2016

Thesp recently held a two-day symposium on Ageing Societies: Transnational contexts, technologies & practices at the University of Leeds. The symposium brought together experts in Science & Technology Studies (STS), Anthropology and Sociology to explore major trends in the development and implementation of technological and political solutions to the problems of so-called ‘Ageing Societies’.

Contributors explored the genesis and implications of technological and policy interventions ranging from assistive, enhancement and medical technologies, ICT, neighbourhoods and buildings, reforms in health and social care, welfare and employment policies to participatory arts and wellbeing initiatives. Participants considered the confluence and contrasts between different national and international contexts and interventions and the role of different social and market institutions and entities in these processes.

Speakers were:

  • Alex Hillman (Cardiff University) – Dementia and the drive to early detection: Managing the ageing brain
  • Tom Hope (Tokyo Institute of Technology) – Expressing ‘caring’ for older people with Japanese technologies: exploring some challenges of co-design in Japan
  • Anne Kerr, Ruth Holliday, Rosemary Lucy Hill & Angharad Beckett (University of Leeds) – Technological Solutions to the Ageing Society: Bandwagons and silences
  • Tiago Moreira (Durham) – The genesis and development of instruments for extension of active working life
  • Sarah Nettleton, Christina Buse, Daryl Martin (University of York) – Envisioning bodies and architectures of care: reflections on competition designs for older people
  • Jessica Robbins-Ruszkowski (Wayne State University, Detroit) – The politics and poetics of ageing societies: notes from an ethnography of ageing in contemporary Poland

The symposium facilitated deep discussion between participants and further collaboration was discussed.

To find out more about the symposium please contact Rosemary Hill. To learn more about specific papers please contact the speakers.


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