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The Centre for Health, Technologies and Social Practice is an interdisciplinary centre at the University of Leeds, launched in October 2012.

It draws together researchers with interests in the social practices through which technologies of health are designed, delivered and implemented. Current research includes work on responsible innovation, patient reported outcomes, evidence based policy and inclusive technologies.

The Centre runs seminars and events and members participate in a range of other projects and study groups.

Latest Posts

  • Identity, community and care in online accounts of hereditary colorectal cancer syndrome

    What it is like for people to undergo screening and monitoring for cancer when they have not been diagnosed with the disease itself?

  • The Sociology of Cancer

    Thesp members' new article questions the widely accepted view that biomedical research is straightforwardly driving improvements in cancer care, demonstrating the importance of social research about living with and beyond cancer in improving cancer services and reducing the risk of cancer. It also underlines the importance of journalists, public commentators and social researchers investigating and taking into account the different experiences and perspectives of a range of people affected by cancer so that their voices can be heard and services shaped to cater for their needs.

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