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The Centre for Health, Technologies and Social Practice is an interdisciplinary centre at the University of Leeds, launched in October 2012.

It draws together researchers with interests in the social practices through which technologies of health are designed, delivered and implemented. Current research includes work on responsible innovation, patient reported outcomes, evidence based policy and inclusive technologies.

The Centre runs seminars and events and members participate in a range of other projects and study groups.

Latest Posts

  • Sugar Rush: Science, Obesity and the Social Life of Sugar

    Karen Throsby explains how sugar has become the new public health bête noir and discusses her new research project exploring scientific knowledge production, validation and popular appropriation; the role of generation, gender, race an class in the production of embodied citizenship; the politics of food in the context of austerity; and  contemporary panics around health and body size.

  • The Kadcyla debate and the future of targeted cancer drugs

    Julia Swallow  discusses the complexities of measuring cost-effectiveness for treatments that target sub-types of cancer, focusing on the recent debate around NHS funding for Kadcyla (trastuzumab emtansine), a targeted breast cancer drug.

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